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Jill Stoppel-Davis, Excel Wellness Studio, Kansas

“If you are running any kind of personal training business BodyEvolver will streamline it. It’s a must for staying on top of client progress and presenting yourself Professionally.

Clients love being able to see progress in a professional way. Streamlined and efficient.” 

Larry Indiviglia – San Diego

“If you’re a Fitness Professional, BodyEvolver is not a nice to have anymore. It is a requirement.”

John Casto, Action Fitness, Fairfax Virginia

“Having BodyEvolver has been of huge value-add to my training business.

It’s helped me HELP my clients more because it provides them specific individual numeric goals to work towards.  This helps me communicate a very important part that’s either overlooked or misinterpreted!

It’s not easy being a coach and guiding the average Jane to success, but having this tool has been of huge value to my business and it helps me sell training.

BodyEvolver is the tipping point between taking action on their goals and walking out undecided.

If you want to close more sales and significantly guide your members to success, then this is the tool for you.”

Greg Corso, Miami Florida

“In 6 months BodyEvolver has dramatically increased my personal training business. Everything you need is right there online and in a logical and professional system that’s simple to follow.

It’s a must-have for any trainer serious about being competitive, while delivering results in this rapidly growing industry.” 

— Michelle DiCarlo, North Carolina

“I love the birthday report and how the system keeps track of how many times someone has had their body comp done.  Clients love, love, love it. A lot of clients had never had a body comp done. Once they have they want to have it done again! Totally worth it!”

Jennifer Barry BS, CPT, NASM  Boston

“BodyEvolver is a great interactive program that has helped me in multiple ways.  I have taking my personal training business to the next level. The body composition aspect of the software helps to track and analyze body fat, as well the goal setting component which is specific to each client. 

As a lifestyle and fitness coach, it is important for me to keep my clienteles’ information organized and up-to-date, and BodyEvolver is the perfect tool.  Not only can I keep track of multiple clients’ information with its interactive database, but it also helps me share and interpret information for them in ways that are relative and meaningful. 

This cutting edge technology helps make my business that much more personal and professional.  For my clients, it helps them to understand and visualize their personal situation, as well as having an interactive and measurable way to track their progress.

This has helped my clients reach their fitness goals, as well as enhance my experience and rapport with them.  I recommend BodyEvolver to everyone looking to improve themselves, both professionally and personally, in the world of health and fitness.”

— Linda Okwar, BWell Fitness, Los Angeles

“I have been using BodyEvolver since 2009, If you are a trainer or nutrition specialist you have got to get this system. It has helped me gain and maintain my clients.

I assess them, run their goals together and up pops the charts and the illustrations and their jaws just drop. They know you are serious about training and they know that you are the trainer for them.  They know they will get results and that you are serious about your program.

All my records in one place and access from anywhere. I can get buy in from the client! It has been immensely valuable to my business and it will help you take your business to new levels.”

— Lauren Tefft,  Equinox,  Boston

“Bottom line is PT Pro has helped me retain clients and that has allowed me to have a stable career as a personal trainer”

Kurt Hodlin, Boston

“Simple, easy to use, all my clients love it!”

Liz Tambascio, Wikid Fit

“It was a no brainer we were going to get it for our Company and our clients.”

Kim Barnes, Fit Fab Five

“My clients are addicted to BodyEvolver. This technology puts me at a competitive advantage.”

— Carlos Moran, Soulful Body Fitness

“I have doubled my business each year, for the last three years using BodyEvolver. It is a great investment and my clients are happy first and foremost!”

— Suzanne Ort, Youngstown Ohio

“BodyEvolver has been a lifesaver for me as a trainer. I barely had time for anything more than straight personal training, but this program has helped me to organize and track my clients and therefore, my life bringing me sanity!  Thank you BodyEvolver.

It’s super convenient having all my stuff in one place no matter where I am, it saves me time and as a small business it helps me look professional and puts me on the cutting-edge.

The goal section allows me to educate my clients and exposes them to more of the fitness equation.

My clients are blown away by seeing their results displayed as actual data, they love it!

BodyEvolver has helped me increase my business by 45%.”

— Stefanos Galouzis, Elite Fit Now

“BodyEvolver has replaced my inefficient paper system, I am extremely happy I signed up it makes the process easier for me as well as my clients. The system helps my client feel fully taken care of and in great hands. The trust I am the trainer they want.

They leave with a full blueprint of how they are going to reach their goal complete with a goal date. This make their goal tangible, motivates them. Not only is it exciting to see my client achieve their goals, they love seeing the charts and graphs of themselves.

Before progression did not feel tangible to them, so clients lost motivation, now … seeing everything in graphs and charts makes everything that much better. They are so excited to see how good they are doing, which makes the whole process much more fun and motivating. It makes their progress REAL!

Not to mention BodyEvolver has skyrocketed my retention rate. It is an amazing program and customer service is so helpful”

— Jessica Rapp,

Unique Physique for Life, Gilbertsville PA

“My initial thoughts on BodyEvolver are simple: I love it, my clients love it, and that it has really added so much more value to my personal training business.

I have been looking for this solution to track client progress for a long time. Bonus, BodyEvolver offer so much more than just that. It also makes it so much easier to explain client progress.

It definitely helps me save time because everything is organized for me now. It is easy to implement and really helps clients understand thing faster. They see things from past to present and makes it fun for them to look at and easy to comprehend all their results in one place.

Clients look forward to tracking their progress now more than ever. It is truly and eye-opening experience for my clients … and THAT makes a huge difference for my business.

Looking back on data over time helps client think differently. Particularly when someone gets off track, it is easier to get them back on and their results soar.

— Chi Bang, Chi Bang Bodies Boston, MA 

“It really does help us help our clients.”

–Tara Iula Supah Fit (Spoken in Bastin Accent 😉  Boston MA

“Makes my life easy. Helps me inform and educate my clients about the facts of fitness. So simple to use. Helps me put my business on auto-pilot”

Mike DAngelo – Founder BodyEvolver

” This simple approach to training and the science is completey understandable for clients. It helps them “Get it!”  And when clients get it, they get better results and that will grow your business.”

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“You Miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky